Saratoga Dining Room Table

Available in Solid Maple & Brushwork Saddle Finish

at Furniture First Ltd. in Stony Plain AB

Brand: Handstone

Dimensions: 48” W x 60” L + 2 Leaves


Saratoga Dining Room Table by Handstone

Available in Solid Maple with a Brushwork Saddle Finish + 2 Leaves 

at Furniture First Ltd. in Stony Plain AB


In this day and age, not many things are built to last. But Handstone Furniture isn’t one of them. We refuse to compromise. It’s been that way since we started in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Today we remain a family-owned Canadian manufacturer of custom-made, solid wood furniture.

All-A-Board and follow your dreams. As with premium travel trunks from the 19th century, the Saratoga Collection evokes an emotion from an exciting time in our history. Symbolic of land and sea travel, the Saratoga embodies a sense of style and adventure. With its’ unique rounded edges, custom built hardware and generous storage, it has a personality all its’ own.

Dimensions 152.4 × 121.92 cm
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