Our professional delivery services are here to serve you.

Prior to delivery, each item will be opened and inspected in-store by our team to ensure your purchase is in pristine condition. Once we deliver to your home, our delivery team is happy to help place and assemble your furniture. For your convenience we will remove any delivery packaging or large boxes associated with the delivery.

*Please Note: Furniture First will no longer accept CODs. All merchandise must be paid for in full prior to scheduling your delivery*

Helpful Tips

Our promise to deliver your items in a timely and safe manner is important to us. To help us keep that promise, we ask that you please ensure the delivery area is clear prior to the arrival of our delivery team. Please ensure all furniture, cords, and other items are cleared away from the delivery path and area. For outside, we ask that there be a space for us to park our delivery van, with direct access to your home, free of any obstacles. During the winter, please clear the snow and ice from your sidewalks or pathways.

We ask that any old mattresses be bagged and sealed prior to the arrival and removal by our delivery team. Please check with our store in advance if you require a mattress bag. We are happy to provide one at no additional charge.

*The safety of our delivery team is a priority. In compliance with OHS law, our delivery team reserves the right to refuse unsafe work as per their discretion.*

Additional Services & Fees

Any additional services, such as the rearranging of any additional furniture in your home, or removal of old mattresses and other items can be arranged in advance for an additional fee. Any request made during delivery must be negotiated directly with our delivery team and are subject to additional fees. The fulfillment of any last-minute requests is not guaranteed and are subject to the decisions and availability of our delivery team.

Stony Plain, Spruce Grove & Parkland County: Saturday- (exceptions may be accommodated)

*Please Note: If you live outside of the Parkland County, please contact your Delivery Coordinator for our out-of-town schedule*

Any deliveries outside of Parkland County, may be delivered via a third-party delivery company. These items will not be placed or assembled. We also will not deliver goods outside of the province of Alberta.

Questions or Concerns

Please talk to our Delivery Coordinator Alisa for any additional details, requests, or concerns.
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